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Unlock the Potential of Laser Technology, Powering Your Success with Precision and Efficiency
Whether Cleaning, Cutting, Welding or Marking
We have Your Solution!

A-LUX Laser Cleaning Systems
Built On Experience
A-LUX 500W-PW Laser Machine
A-LUX 2000W-CW Laser Machine
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Proprietary Features Custom Tailored to Meet Your Needs Found Only in A-LUX Laser Cleaning Systems. Built to last in both Pulse Wave and Continuous Wave formats in all Wattages!
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Professional Training Provided and Consultation with the Purchase of Our Laser Systems. Let Experience Speak for Itself and Learn from the Best!
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We can meet all your Laser Cleaning, Marking and Cutting Needs.

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Introducing A-LUX HD Laser Cleaning Machines: the pinnacle of industrial laser ablation technology.


Crafted from extensive experience and rigorously field-tested in some of the most demanding environments, including coal-fired power plants, fabrication shops, oil and gas fields, and storage facilities, these machines are engineered to exceed expectations.

Custom-designed to meet specific applications, A-LUX HD Laser Cleaning Machines boast proprietary features found nowhere else. From precision cleaning to surface preparation, they deliver unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. Revolutionize your industrial cleaning processes with A-LUX HD Laser Cleaning Machines – where innovation meets proven expertise.

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