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Laser Glee Poem - Happy Holidays!

Santa Laser Cleaning and a Merry Christmas by Argento Lux

Laser Glee

By Argento Lux

'Twas the night before New Year, in 2023,

Businesses bustling, full of holiday glee.

But one thing was missing, a secret, you see,

Laser cleaning – the key to cost-saving glee!

The wrenches were nestled, all snug in the drawer,

But rust and grime lingered, a sight to abhor.

The welder groaned loudly, "I can't take no more!"

It needed a laser, oh, what a chore!

In the workshop, a laser, so shiny and bright,

Promised savings galore, oh, what a delight!

No more pricey chemicals, just a laser's light,

Slicing through grime, making everything right.

The boss scratched their head, thinking, "What's the fuss?"

Laser cleaning, my friend, is a win for us!

The costs go down, the profits will thus,

Rise to the sky, like Santa's sleigh does!

But alas, if you scoff at this laser spiel,

Your budget might suffer, a raw, painful ordeal.

Your gear will revolt, making a squeal,

Like Rudolph's nose, it's a real raw deal!

The copier will rebel, spewing out ink,

An office revolt, what a humorous kink!

Employees will sigh, their patience will shrink,

No laser cleaning – it's a comedy brink!

So heed this advice as you usher in cheer,

Laser cleaning's the answer, loud and clear!

Save money, save time, make it your New Year,

Or face office chaos – a fate you should fear!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2024! Argento Lux is your Laser Sales and Service Solution.

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